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If you have had your home on the market for several months and haven’t seen much activity or any offers, chances are that one or more of the reasons below are to blame.

Your price is too high

Your home could be perfect in and out but none of that matters if the price is not right. Setting the right price for your home is important because it will either make or break your chance of a successful sale.

The condition of your home

You have to make your home look as appealing as it is on the outside. Remember, you want your buyers to visualize themselves living in your house. Depersonalize your home and remove all personal decorations like family picture or personal items.

Location, location, location

It’s the oldest cliché in the world, but it’s true. When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location! When it comes to homes, things like how good the schools are, crime rates, visual appeal of the neighborhood and noise or the smell of pollution can all effect how desirable the location is.

Your marketing campaign is out of steam

The best listing agents all use an aggressive marketing plan to market their listings.

The market is slow

You’ll hear it described as a slow market, or a buyers market, or maybe a cold market. But it all means the same thing. That home sales in the local area, or market, are slow. That there are too many homes for sale and not enough active buyers.

Your home isn’t easily accessible

Homes that are listed as being “lock box, no appointment needed” will get shown more often than homes listed as “agent has key, call for appointment”. If at all possible, you should let your agent put a lock box on your home for easier showing.

You have an agent nobody likes

Sounds almost silly, but it’s very true. If your listing agent isn’t liked or respected by other agents in your area, it could slow down the sale of your home.

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