The Top Questions to ask while attending an Open House!

Top questions to ask while attending at Open House!

Planning on visiting some Open Houses? Here are some great questions to ask while you are visiting them...

1. Have there been any offers made on the home?

Will you be involved in a mulitple offer situation? Or are the sellers dying for their first offer?!

2. Has the price changed since the home has been listed?

How much have the sellers lowered the price of their home? Finding out how many times the sellers have lowered the price of their home is crucial to know when making an educated offer.

3. Why are the sellers selling their home?

Divorce? Down-sizing? Relocating? Ask this question to see why the sellers are moving.

4. When was the property first listed?

You can find out this information online or from your Agent. Knowing how long the home has been on the market is a key piece of information you should know before making an offer.

5. Are there any issues the house may have?

Always ask to see the Seller's Disclosure before making an offer.

6. Have any recent updates been made to the house?

Know the age of the roof, windows, HVAC units, etc. This should be disclosed in the Seller's Disclosure.

7. Know your budget!

Get an average of what the utility costs would be. Don't get killed with a high heating bill in the winter because you didn't ask this question.

8. Do the sellers need to more fast?

Knowing how fast the sellers need to be out of their home is great for negotiating.

9. Love to go out to eat?

Find out where the best restaurants are located at and how long it will take you to get there. You won't want to drive long distance to get some great pizza.

10. Do the neighbors have 20 cats?

Find out what the neighbors are like! If you can, visit the home during different times of the day and scope out the situation.

Looking for a list of upcoming Open Houses? Click here for a current list!

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